Excerpts from “The Danger of Evolution in Politics”

“Constitutions based on the Judeo Christian value system are the fairest the world has ever known. Only cultures shaped by this value system lead to environments of freedom and possibility thinking. As Christianity is the most pragmatic of the world’s religions and is the core of Western thought, liberal assaults and experiments as they are defined today should be stopped if America wants to continue in greatness.”

“The liberal view that war is unnecessary is fantasaical. It is based on the faulty assumption from evolution that discounts the depth of evil that resides in the heart of man. The Christian explanation of a curse placed on the earth and the depravity of man better fits reality as to why we have problems.”

“The political equivalent of naturalism and evolution is ‘progressive’ which believes that everything is getting better and if it feels good do it.”

“If we’re just overgrown blobs of biology from an ancient cosmic accident in some prebiotic soup, then there is no soul, no spirit, no immaterial side of man, no moral law, no code of ethics, no trust, no integrity. Life is a hopeless free for all leading men to take their own revenge, despots to rule for their lusts, murder, divorce, and immorality to reign without consequence.  Nazi Germany tried this at it failed based on the tenet’s of evolution. The resulting consequences and chaos testify that moral law does exist despite our attempts to redefine it. For these reasons, naturalism and evolution leading to sensuality go against the purpose of civil law and the order of government.”

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As a trained academician, Scott speaks to the issues of our culture with an emphasis on apologetics.
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