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As a trained academician, Scott speaks to the issues of our culture with an emphasis on apologetics.

How Ancient Israel Lost Its Culture War and the Parallels to Today

Does our culture decline by the blemishes Hollywood seeps in through the sides? Or does it erode further by what is decreed from the top down through public policy? Hollywood has always corroded good values, but the slope of decline … Continue reading

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Are All Religions the Same? Grace Elevates Evangelical Christianity Above All Others

Do all religions lead to the same place? Are all religions are of the same essence that just differ in the peripheries? Moral relativism has wreaked havoc on our ability to know truth, but there is a

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Book Review: Mind & Cosmos by Thomas Nagel

New York University professor and philosopher Thomas Nagel has put forth a new book called Mind and Cosmos, Why The Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception Of Nature Is Almost Certainly False. As

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The Chemical Evolution Dead End

When someone says they believe in “evolution,” we ask which kind?  There are three types of evolution, all significantly different; if someone doesn’t distinguish between them, they may not know what they are talking about.  Chemical evolution refers to

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Is History Knowable?

A historian asked his students one time what the difference is between math and history. Because of the precise nature of math, the

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