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As a trained academician, Scott speaks to the issues of our culture with an emphasis on apologetics.

Is The Bible A Myth?

We have all been in a church at some point. Maybe your mind, like mine, has wandered at some point and you said to yourself: “The church building is real and the rituals are tangible, there is a real text, a budget, offices and equipment. … Continue reading

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The Dead Sea Scrolls: How The Ancients Fought The Culture And Won

The Essenes were one of the sects of Judaism that existed at the time of Christ in the 1st century. Whereas the Sadducees were elitist and amendable to Roman ways, and the Pharisees involved themselves with the people of Jewish … Continue reading

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How Science Affects Our Interpretation of the Bible

Dual revelation theology is an issue that divides modern Christians. Evangelicals agree Scripture is unique in terms of the truths necessary for salvation. And they agree that there are two revelations: the testimony of God through nature called general revelation, … Continue reading

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The Meaning Of Biblical Faith

To many people, faith is something you conjure up, something you will into existence, something you hope to be true. It’s this “you have your truth and I have my truth” notion. You determine your own reality and beliefs are a … Continue reading

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A Time To Tap Out

When Royce Gracie won the first mixed martial arts cage fighting tournament in 1993, he was an underdog on paper. He was undersized, tall, thin, and came from a little known discipline called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu .

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