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Are All Religions the Same? Grace Elevates Evangelical Christianity Above All Others

Do all religions lead to the same place? Are all religions are of the same essence that just differ in the peripheries? Moral relativism has wreaked havoc on our ability to know truth, but there is a

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Is History Knowable?

A historian asked his students one time what the difference is between math and history. Because of the precise nature of math, the

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The Intellectual Suicide of Secularism

Secularists label those of religious faith as committing intellectual suicide; they say any cause outside of materialism for explaining reality is a mindless appeal to mysticism. Yet relativism and naturalism, the twin engines of secularism, are really the 

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The Fairest Of Them All

Rooting us out from the flinty crags of our forlorn existence, the relentless pursuer of souls attends to the terms of our surrender. And after a lengthy siege we come with hands up, waving the white flag.

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Book Review- God: The Failed Hypothesis by Victor Stenger

As a qualified academician, Victor Stenger presents in this book what is perhaps the scientists’ best foot forward in defending an atheistic and purely material explanation for the world around us. Holding post both as a professor in physics and astronomy … Continue reading

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