Satan: The Apex Predator On Earth

Naturalists say man is at the top of the food chain with no natural enemies. But he does have a supernatural one. Satan is the apex predator on earth, a man hunter at the top of the food chain. In him resides the most corrupt, grim, and horrific evil. All evil is sourced in him and traced back to him. God and Satan are not equal and opposite foes vying for control of a soul as is commonly perceived. Continue reading

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Does Goodness Always Mean Niceness?


In the 1986 movie “Top Gun”, Iceman (Val Kilmer)  is threatened by the gifted but reckless fighter pilot Maverick (Tom Cruise). Competitors for the Top Gun trophy, Ice is the cool, methodical one who goes by the book. Mav flies by instinct whose talent is as much art as science. In one scene, Iceman approaches Mav in the locker room and tries to psyche him out with shame, “You know what you’re problem is Mav? You’re…..dangerous.” Maverick interprets “dangerous” as a compliment and gets nose to nose, “That’s right Ice….man, I am……dangerous.” The expression of Iceman is great drama as he snaps his jaw and walks away. To be good, Maverick had to fly in a way that was dangerous.   Continue reading

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The Call Of Nature In A Sophisticated World

A Stellar Performance

A swarm of 20 Stellar Jays once attacked a large owl who ventured too close to a nest in a canyon one time. The scene caused so much attention and was so disconcerting to the birds that it was the event of the day in that small gorge in the middle of nowhere.

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The Envy Principle And Glue On My Friend’s Canopy

When I was ten years old we moved to a new neighborhood. Before the move I had earned a place for myself in the minds of my peers. I wasn’t the most outgoing, but enough to surprise people. I wasn’t the most athletic, but made plays when people didn’t expect it. I wasn’t the class clown but I was cool and respected.  I was involved, in the conversation, and had friends.

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When Negative Is Positive

Negativity is everywhere. The world is a negative place because of a system wide curse placed on the earth. Theologians say that the human apparatus is not built to live in a cursed world. Constant negativity is draining to be around and certainly we need more positive people in a negative world.

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